Bubble lesson plans – with drawers

January 2018 | LESSON PLANS

A story-rich lesson follows a number of stages until you come to a point where you can depart from the core lesson flow and navigate the whole experience in a brand new direction. You do it deliberately, with a clear learning goal in mind.
This is when bubbles are added onto our linear lesson plans.

One of us calls them bubbles, the other calls them drawers. Choose your metaphor. What matters most is that you are free to select which bubbles to burst or which drawers to open and the core flow of the lesson stays intact. Flexibility meets structure.

On top of that, this time we opted for a twin lesson plan adventure: Each of us designed a different bubble lesson plan. The rules were simple:
  • The same story.
  • The same bubble lesson plan format.
  • Two different lesson ideas.

Download them now!

Lesson plan: Variety

Lesson plan: Mojito

Enjoy your teaching adventures, get storied away and see you next month!
Beata & Milada
Featured photo: Sanwal Deen via unsplash.com