Woman: There are urgent matters that need my attention, so let’s get it over with. Off the record?
Interviewer: Off the record. Why this town and not any other?
Woman: This is where I chose to stay. My town.
Interviewer: There must be other reasons.
Woman: Well, been here ever since I was one and a half. And I’m the mayor! And I don’t have to worry about elections. There’s not much competition, so to speak.
Interviewer: Really? Why? I mean, how…
Woman: All of them have either…
Interviewer: Disappeared?
Woman: Passed away or moved away. How dare you! Don’t make me regret this. Or the regret will be yours.
Interviewer: My apologies.
Woman: I’m sure you didn’t mean to imply… Anyway, next question!
Interviewer: And the Family? Don’t they worry about you? Don’t they want someone here with you?
Woman: I’m the only one in town, so of course they do. But they also respect my choice. And it is my choice. My decision. End of story.
Interviewer: And your headquarters? Somewhere central or off the beaten track?
Woman: Here.
Interviewer: Oh.
Woman: An office like any other.
Interviewer: And a typical business day?
Woman: Trucks coming. Customers coming. Leaving messages for one another. Let’s say I provide sort of a meeting space. We have become kind of a household word.
Interviewer: We?
Woman: Let’s say I meant me and my „office”. Or royal we. Whatever floats your boat.
Interviewer: And the „office staff”? You must have people assisting you?
Woman: Somebody’s always looking after me and doing things for me. Maybe they’ve got me spoilt a bit. Anything else you’re dying to know?
Interviewer: Can we meet again?
Woman: Walking on thin ice, aren’t you? I warned you – one meeting. So I’m afraid that’s all the questions you’re getting answers to. Off the record, of course.


Click here to watch the video and find out who the Woman is: Population of 1

  • off the record
  • to imply
  • off the beaten track
  • to become a household word / name
  • royal we
  • whatever floats your boat
  • to be/get spoilt
  • to be dying to know sth
  • to walk on thin ice


Image: Jeff Lemond via

Featured image: Nikola Jovanovic via

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