Narrative | classroom-ready

The police knocked on her door that night.


It wasn’t anything unexpected.

She’d been waiting for this exact thing to happen for years.

In fact, part of her was looking forward to being locked up.

As strange as it may seem, it came as a relief.


They handcuffed her, they put her in the cell.

99-year-old Annie was overjoyed.

It had all panned out well.


She’d always been the one to live a bit on the wild side.

And that night, she was living the dream.


Story inspiration | text for the classroom:

Click here: BORED PANDA

99-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested And Put In Jail To Check It Off Her Bucket List


Bucket list: 99-year-old Dutch woman arrested and placed ina  police cell to tick off life-long dream


B2, C1, C2

Juicy language bits:

  • to handcuff someone
  • to be put/thrown in the cell
  • to lock someone up
  • to be living the dream
  • to be overjoyed
  • to come as a relief
  • to live on the wild side
  • to do something before the end of your lifetime
  • to pan out well
  • to make a rare exception


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