Narrative | classroom-ready

It was 1972. Bjorn was flying his plane when suddenly he saw something spectacular – not a person, not an event, not an animal – just an inanimate object, not an extraordinary one but one of many such objects he had seen. But for some reason, this very view haunted him for years. It made such a lasting impression on him that over 40 years later he still thought about it every single day. And the closer the anniversary day was getting, the more convinced he was that it would make a perfect anniversary gift, a true gift from the heart.

He shared his idea and lots of people were all for it. Somewhat by accident, Bjorn managed to inspire the whole movement – Facebook groups applauding the gift were joined by many. It seemed all this couldn’t be ignored.

Although no one was asking for anything in return, no reciprocity was hoped or called for and the party gifted would greatly appreciate the gesture, a really rare gesture worth admiring, it turned out that such a gift would be illegal.

Bjorn and his supporters won’t back down, even though they’ve heard that another worthy gift to celebrate the occasion should and will be chosen. All hope is not lost and Bjorn hasn’t said the last word … An unprecedented show of kindness may still take place, even if it seems only a miracle could help.

Story inspiration | texts for the classroom:

Click here: Norway wants to give Finland a mountain for its birthday

Click here: Norway refuses to give mountain to Finland as anniversary present


B2, C1, C2

Juicy language bits:

  • a gift from the heart
  • to be all for the idea
  • a rare gesture worth admiring
  • to back down
  • a worthy gift
  • an unprecedented show of kindness
  • to ask for something/nothing in return
  • to greatly appreciate getting something / a gesture

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