Narrative | classroom-ready

Meet Jill’s boss. Difficult, impossible to satisfy, a mean micromanager.

Meet Jill. Sweet by nature. Pushed over the brink. Driven up the wall by constant control of her movements, unkind (or just plain rude) emails, and conversations stopping mid-sentence once she enters the room.

Time: Early afternoon.

Place: An office toilet cubicle.

Jill is hiding inside, trying to compose herself.

Her boss is just outside the door, freshening her makeup while complaining to someone on the other side of the phone how useless Jill is, unaware of Jill’s eavesdropping.

“Enough is enough.”, the boss hisses into her mobile.

“Enough is enough!”, Jill whispers to herself.

She makes a decision that will change her life forever.

Later that day Jill repeats, “Enough is enough!” one more time, under her breath while clutching the baseball bat really tight. She wants to make the first strike really count.

When Jill leaves the cubicle, having wiped away her tears of anger, her boss is for once silenced by the awkwardness of the situation. Jill, on the other hand, nods in her direction as if to say hello, and leaves the restroom with a wide smile on her face.

Story inspiration | text for the classroom:

Click here to read about “anger rooms” in the USA: Americans are so stressed they’re paying to destroy rooms full of stuff


B2, C1, C2

Juicy language bits:

  • to be driven up the wall
  • to micromanage / to be micromanaged
  • to stop mid-sentence
  • to try to compose oneself
  • to eavesdrop (on a conversation/phone call)
  • to hiss
  • to clutch sth tight
  • to make sth count
  • to wipe away one’s tears of anger / joy

Photo: Yan Ots,

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