Narrative | classroom-ready


Two business partners walking in search of something.

Got it!

Shipping time.

Delivery arrived.

Used for a good cause?


P & I have worked together for quite some time now. Typical business partnership? Not really. But with a bit of guidance and encouragement P has turned out to be indispensable. He’s the one who can sniff out a great opportunity. He’s the one who hunts for and finds real gems, proper mint. I may be the leader of the pack but he’s the one who allows us to make a living. It’s thanks to his efforts that our business thrives.


I wouldn’t pick the guy from the lineup to save my life. But I’d recognize his handwriting anywhere, the uneven letters that look as if they were hastily scribbled down with a marker pen. Judging from the drawings on regularly delivered packages, he’s got a partner.

I wouldn’t call the contents of the packages essential but it’s a rare delicacy, difficult to come by and our customers are ready to pay through the nose for it so how could we deny them the pleasure (and ourselves the profit)?

Story inspiration | Video for the classroom by Maxy Neil Bianco:


B2, C1, C2

Juicy language bits:

  • to sniff out an opportunity / great (business) opportunities
  • to make a living off something
  • a glimpse into the life of someone
  • to pay through the nose for something
  • a rare delicacy
  • to hunt for something
  • to thrive
  • proper mint

Photo: Muhammet Yilmaz,


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